Supporting Women’s Golf

For many women, golf can be an empowering and rewarding sport that provides opportunities for personal growth, physical activity, and community engagement. However, access to golf courses, equipment, and coaching can often be limited, especially for those who face financial or other barriers.

We aim to provide funding and resources to initiatives that promote women’s golf at all levels, from beginner clinics to competitive tournaments. We seek to support programs that prioritize accessibility, inclusivity, and diversity, and that work to remove obstacles that may prevent women from fully participating in the game. This could include providing scholarships for low-income players, creating mentorship programs for young women, or partnering with local organizations to increase golf opportunities in underserved communities.

Ultimately, our goal is to foster a strong and vibrant community of women golfers who feel empowered, confident, and supported in their pursuit of the sport. We believe that by investing in women’s golf, we can not only improve individual lives but also contribute to a more equitable and vibrant society overall.

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Proud stewards of the DPKC Golf Grant

The DPKC Golf Grant is an annually funded scholarship program that provides financial assistance to women who have a passion for golf but lack the means to pursue it. 

Golf is not only a great way to stay active and improve mental health, but it is also a valuable tool for building professional relationships and enhancing career prospects. Driving Pursuits KC was founded to help women cultivate confidence in golf and the workplace.

Recipients of the scholarship will receive funds to cover the costs of golf lessons/programming, as well as opportunities to network with other businesswomen in the community. Through this program, we aim to empower women to develop their golf skills and cultivate their professional presence on the course.

$2,000 awarded annually


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Ready to Play?

Join a KGF women’s golf league!

2024 Leagues:

  • Gals Who Golf – Mondays @ 4:30pm at Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Course
  •    Spring League (10 weeks, beginning 3/11/2024) 
  •    Summer League (10 weeks, June 12-Aug 14)