We award college scholarships to deserving Kansans through the Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship and KWGA Memorial Scholarship.

Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship

The application period for 2022 scholarships is OPEN! Apply today.



The Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship is awarded each spring to five (5) junior golfers who will attend an accredited college or university in Kansas. The top ranking applicant will be awarded the Phil Miller Junior Golf Scholarship, established in 2021, in honor of the Foundation’s former Executive Director and his dedication to junior golf and the KJGS program.

The grant amount has been increased to $10,000 – starting with the KJGS Class of 2022!!

Scholarship amount: $2,500 per year, renewable for 4 years = $10,000

  • Academic record
  • Character, leadership and community service
  • Essay/video
  • Financial need
  • Golf participation
  • Letters of recommendation
Eligibility Requirements
  • Applicant must be a Kansas resident
  • Applicant must be a high school senior
  • Applicant must be enrolling as a full-time student in an accredited Kansas college or university for the coming fall semester
  • Applicant must have participated in high school golf or recognized junior golf programs, such as Central Links Golf, AJGA, The First Tee, Wichita Junior Golf Foundation, Native American Junior Golf Association or the Kaw Valley Junior Golf Foundation
Required Supporting Information

Applicants must complete the online application form by the deadline, including submission of all required supporting materials. Applications will not be considered unless the following documents are uploaded (PDF files preferred):

  1. Essay (max 500 words)
    1. How has golf influenced you?
    2. What are your academic/career aspirations?
    3. Golf teaches players to leave the world better than we found it—fill divots, fix ball marks, help others find their ball—a valuable lesson about acts of service and giving back. Explain what you have done to better your golf course, school, and/or community and what your volunteer plans may be for the future.
  2. Video (optional)
    1. Expand on one of the three essay questions. Must be a YouTube link.
  3. High school transcript, including applicant’s SAT or ACT scores (unofficial transcript is acceptable)
  4. Verification of applicant’s participation in high school golf or junior golf (letter from coach or person familiar with applicant’s participation)
  5. Applicant’s Student Aid Report (SAR) from FAFSA. If the SAR is not available, applicant must provide completed Sections 3 and 4 from the FAFSA worksheet.
  6. Two (2) letters of recommendation:
    1. From a teacher or administrator from the applicant’s high school, and
    2. From a person (unrelated to applicant) who knows the applicant as a result of the applicant’s involvement with golf

Scholarship winners will be required to provide a digital photo for publicity purposes related to the scholarship.

KWGA Memorial Scholarship

The Kansas Women’s Golf Association (KWGA) Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one (1) or more recipients each spring and is a one-time grant of $1,500. Recipients may attend any accredited college or university, in Kansas or elsewhere.

The KWGA Memorial Scholarship was established January 1, 2018, to commemorate and continue the Kansas Women’s Golf Association Scholarship, which awarded college/university scholarships from 1991 through 2017.

  • Academic report
  • Evidence of character, social responsibility/community service, leadership
  • Essay written by the Applicant
  • Golf participation
  • Letters of recommendation
Eligibility Requirements
  • Applicant must be a Kansas high school senior enrolling as a full-time student, or the graduate of a Kansas high school and enrolled as a full-time student (12-credit hours or more per semester/term) for the coming fall semester/term at an accredited college or university
  • Applicant must have participated in an interscholastic high school golf program or a recognized junior golf program such as Central Links Golf, Kansas Women’s Golf Association, Kansas Golf Association, Kansas City Golf Association, American Junior Golf Association, The First Tee, Wichita Junior Golf Foundation or Native American Junior Golf Association
Required Supporting Information
  1. Cover page (11-point Arial font) with the following information about the Applicant:
    1. Full name
    2. Month, day, year of birth
    3. Street address, city, state, ZIP code
    4. Ten-digit phone number
    5. Email address
    6. Full name of high school currently attended or graduated
    7. College/university which the Applicant plans to attend or does attend
  2. Official high school transcript(s) including ACT or SAT composite scores (if currently enrolled in an accredited college/university that school’s official transcripts must be sent). “Official” transcripts must be ordered from educational institutions and are directly mailed by the educational institution to the KWGA Memorial Scholarship Committee Chair.
  3. Verification of participation in high school or junior golf program
  4. Resumé which provides Applicant’s full record of employment (name of company, position, dates of service); internships, if any (name of company, position, dates of service); extracurricular/co-curricular activities and applicable leadership; community service (name of initiative, type of service/work, dates of service); and honors/awards (full name of honor/award, date received)
  5. Essay written by the Applicant (maximum of two pages, Arial 11-point font, double-spaced with standard margins) about how the game of Golf has influenced the Applicant and his/her goals and aspirations.
  6. Two (2) letters of recommendation sent under “separate cover” to the KWGA Memorial Scholarship Chair from each recommender. One recommendation must be from a teacher or administrator of the Applicant’s high school who can assess the Applicant’s academics and intellectual abilities, character, social responsibility, and leadership. The second recommendation must be from a person (unrelated to the Applicant) who knows the Applicant because of the Applicant’s involvement in Golf and the recommender can assess the Applicant’s character and involvement in Golf.
How to Apply

ALL application/supporting materials become the property of the KWGA Memorial Scholarship Committee and MUST BE postmarked on or before March 18, 2022, and mailed by U.S. Mail to:

Karen Exon, Committee Chair, KWGA Memorial Scholarship
124 Eagle View Circle
Council Grove, KS 66846
Phone – (785) 633-2723
Email –

Scholarship Winner(s) must provide a digital photo for KWGA Memorial Scholarship publicity purposes.